News-->We inform you that we have got the permission to start admission for the academics of 2019-20. In this regard we are into the admission process. The NEET eligibility for management seats is relaxed. Those candidates who are meeting the eligibility criteria for BAMS course can come and get admission in our college. For details contact college office. Timing: 9:00AM TO 5:00PM   -  From Administrator


Dakshina Kannada, Sullia

08257 233208



Staff List

Sl. NoNameFather’s NameQualificationDate of
Nature of
(Regular/Contractu al/Part-time)
DesignationName of the working Dept. 
1Dr. N.S. ShettarS/o. Late. Dr. S.K. ShettarMD (Ayu.)October 4, 2004RegularMedical SuperintendentHospital
2Dr. Keshava P.KS/o Krishnappa GowdaBAMSJune 21, 2007RegularDeputy Medical SuperintendentHospital
3Dr. S. Thirumaleshwar BhatS/o. Narayana Bhat S.MD (Ayu.)April 1, 2019RegularConsultantsHospital
4Dr. Sachin NadkaS/o. Vasudeva GowdaMD (Ayu.)September 21, 2011RegularConsultantsHospital
5Dr. Anusree M.D/o. Rajan M.K.MD (Ayu.)December 15, 2014RegularConsultantsHospital
6Dr. U. Santhosh NayakS/o. U. Gurudatt NayakMD (Ayu.)March 17, 2014RegularConsultantsHospital
7Dr. Pavithra P.W/o. AjayMD (Ayu.)January 3, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
8Dr. Anusha G.W/o. Dr. Sachin NadkaMD (Ayu.)April 24, 2019RegularConsultantsHospital
9Dr. Ashok K.S/o. Mahalingeshwara Bhat KMD (Ayu.)August 23, 1999RegularConsultantsHospital
10Dr. Swetha S. SuvarnaW/o. Prem Nithin R.MS (Ayu.)June 30, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
11Dr. Rohit N. ShettarS/o. Dr. N S ShettarMS (Ayu.)January 4, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
12Dr. Rashmi K. S.W/o. Dr. Pramod P AMS (Ayu.)December 10, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
13Dr. Rajesh N. P.S/o Narayan Bhat PMD (Ayu.)June 26, 2019RegularConsultantsHospital
14Dr. Mangala K. S.D/o. Sadashiva Bhat S.MD (Ayu.)November 16, 2016RegularConsultantsHospital
15Dr. Pramod P.A.S/o. Achutha Gowda PMD (Ayu.)April 1, 2017RegularConsultantsHospital
16Dr. Krishna Prakash M.K.S/o. Shivarama Bhat MMD (Ayu.)May 20, 1997RegularConsultantsHospital
17Dr. Bharathi A.P.W/o. SatheesMD (Ayu.)July 1, 2010RegularConsultantsHospital
18Dr. Bhagyesha K.S/o. K Ramanna GowdaMD (Ayu.)July 18, 2011RegularConsultantsHospital
19Dr. Anoopa P.A.S/o. P. AppuMD (Ayu.)December 15, 2014RegularConsultantsHospital
20Dr. Pranavi K.W/o. Dr. Sunil K RMD (Ayu.)February 1, 2019RegularConsultantsHospital
21Dr. Shafi M.S.S/o. Shahajahan P. M.MD (Ayu.)January 6, 2016RegularConsultantsHospital
22Dr. Annapoorna S.D/o. Shama Bhat KMD (Ayu.)December 15, 2016RegularConsultantsHospital
23Dr. Deenaprakash BharadwajS/o. Krishna Bhat BMD
October 7, 1996RegularConsultantsHospital
24Dr. Gopalakrishna Prasad M.P.S/o. Parameshwara Bhat MMS (Ayu.)April 26, 2010RegularConsultantsHospital
25Dr. Harshavardhana K.S/o. Narayana KMS (Ayu.)June 9, 2009RegularConsultantsHospital
26Dr. Deepak C. NairS/o. K P ChandrahasanMS (Ayu.)January 8, 2013RegularConsultantsHospital
27Dr. Santhosh Nair K. P.S/o. VenugopalanMS (Ayu.)February 24, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
28Dr. Udayashankar N.D/o. Narayana Bhat N.MD (Ayu.)July 29, 1997RegularConsultantsHospital
29Dr. Hariprasad Shetty M.S/o. Devadas Shetty MMD (Ayu.)October 1, 2005RegularConsultantsHospital
30Dr. Gowrishankar C.K.S/o. Shivaprasada C KMS (Ayu.)July 2, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
31Dr. N.S. ShettarS/o. Dr. S K ShettarMD (Ayu.)October 4, 2004RegularConsultantsHospital
32Dr. Nataraj C.S/o. Channabasappa MMD (Ayu.)June 1, 2017RegularConsultantsHospital
33Dr. Sanath Kumar D.G.S/o. Gudappa GowdaMD (Ayu.)June 25, 2010RegularConsultantsHospital
34Dr. Soumya S.V.D/o. Sukumaran J.MD (Ayu.)February 8, 2014RegularConsultantsHospital
35Dr. Lakshmeesha K.S.S/o. Sheshappa GowdaMD (Ayu.)December 26, 2014RegularConsultantsHospital
36Dr. Smitha ThambanW/o. Dr. Harsavardhan KMD (Ayu.)December 14, 2015RegularConsultantsHospital
37Dr. Smitha P.K.W/o. Vinayraj MadthilaMD (Ayu.)March 2, 2018RegularConsultantsHospital
38Dr. Jayavani M.G.W/o. Dr. Leeladhar D.V.BNYSNovember 18, 2003RegularConsultantsHospital
39Dr. Vidya Shambhava PareS/o Dr. Shambav PareMBBSJune 21, 2014RegularEMOHospital
40Dr. Aruna PailoorW/o Dr C.R BhatMBBS DRDSeptember 6, 2011RegularEMOHospital
41Dr. HaraprasadS/o Vishnaya ThudiyadkaBAMSFebruary 1, 2014RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
42Dr. SushmaW/o Hariparasd ShettyBAMSFebruary 1, 2014RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
43Dr. Hariprasad K.SS/o Shivarama GowdaBAMSFebruary 1, 2014RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
44Dr. Ashok KumarS/o Mahalingeshwar BhatBAMSFebruary 1, 2014RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
45Dr. Deviprasad D.K.S/o. KushalappaBAMSMarch 5, 2015RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
46Dr. Swetha LakshmiW/o. Dr. Rajashekhara N.BAMSAugust 3, 2019RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
47Dr. Murali MohanS/o. Late. Gopalakrishna BhatBAMSAugust 5, 2019RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
48Dr. Priyanka N.D/o. Jayaprasada N.BAMSAugust 7, 2019RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
49Dr. Anushree G. KD/o. Gopalakrishna MayyaBAMSAugust 7, 2019RegularRMO/RSO/MOHospital
50Mrs. Indiravathi K.W/o. RamanandaGNMNovember 15, 2017RegularMatronHospital
51Mrs. Thilaka K.P.W/o. Ravindra M.DGNMJuly 11, 2011RegularAsst. MatronHospital
52Ms. Pavana N.D/o. SundaraGowdaGNMDecember 5, 2017RegularAsst. MatronHospital
53Ms. Jyothi M.R.D.o. RamachnadraGNMNovember 9, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
54Mrs. Jayashree U.M.W/o. Dinesh N.GNMNovember 15, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
55Mrs. Neelavathi P.W/o. Yogeesh P.V.GNMNovember 15, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
56Ms. Kannika N. LW/o. Leeladhara N RANMSeptember 10, 2018RegularStaff NurseHospital
57Mrs. AmrithaW/o. NaveenaGNMMay 2, 2019RegularMatronHospital
58Mrs. Vanitha M.M.W/o. Limgappa K.S.GNMNovember 22, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
59Ms. Harshitha D. N.D/o. NarayanaGNMJanuary 25, 2012RegularStaff NurseHospital
60Mrs. Rajeevi A.G.D/o. Jathappa GowdaSSLCNovember 22, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
61Mrs. Rathna B. J.W/o. B P RamakrishnaANMOctober 1, 2018RegularStaff NurseHospital
62Mrs. Thilaka K.D/o. Veerappa GowdaANMAugust 8, 2019RegularStaff NurseHospital
63Mrs. Kanakangi KD/o. Somappa GowdaGNMNovember 22, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
64Ms. Chaithra S CD/o.Sukumara C SGNMDecember 5, 2017RegularStaff NurseHospital
65Ms. Sushma C VD/o. Uthappa C PGNM8.062014RegularStaff NurseHospital
66Ms. Latha B AD/o. Ananda BAGNMJune 8, 2014RegularStaff NurseHospital
67Ms. Vidyashree D JD/o. Janardhana Naika DGNMJune 6, 2014RegularStaff NurseHospital
68Ms. AshalathaD/o. Lingappa GowdaGNMApril 29, 2014RegularStaff NurseHospital
69Ms. Bhavya K RD/o. Suresh K RGNMAugust 8, 2018RegularStaff NurseHospital
70Ms. Yasashwini N DD/o. BojappaGNMJune 12, 2014RegularStaff NurseHospital
71Mr. Radhakrishna N.S/o. Venkappa GowdaSSLCOctober 18, 2018RegularWard BoyHospital
72Mr. Ajith N. K.S/o KarunakaraSSLCJuly 1, 2015RegularWard BoyHospital
73Mr. Ganesh Kumar BS/o. BabuSSLCOctober 10, 2018RegularWard BoyHospital
74Mrs. Sandhyarani S.W/o. Sunil Kumar SPUCAugust 5, 2019RegularWard BoyHospital
75Mr. BhagavandasS/o. RamannaPUCJuly 1, 2014RegularWard BoyHospital
76Mr. Ratheesh K RS/o. RavindranathaPUCJuly 11, 2019RegularWard BoyHospital
77Mrs. MamathaW/o. Venkatramana
SSLCJuly 23, 2018RegularWard BoyHospital
78Mrs. Chandravathi S.W/o. GopalakrishnaPUCMay 3, 2019RegularWard BoyHospital
79Mrs. Yashodha C.W/o.ShivaprasadSSLCNovember 17, 2017RegularWard BoyHospital
80Mrs. JasheelaD/o. Abdul KhaderM.PharmaAugust 1, 2019RegularPharmacistsHospital
81Mr. VenkateshS/o. Sathyamurthy MD. PharmaAugust 1, 2019RegularPharmacistsHospital
82Mr.Adharsha Govind K SS/o. Subrahmanya KB. PharmaAugust 1, 2019RegularPharmacistsHospital
83Mr.Adhitya Krishna K SS/o. Subrahmanya KB. PharmaAugust 1, 2019RegularPharmacistsHospital
84Mrs. Kavana D.S.D/o Sundara D.M.Sc.November 16, 2017RegularDresserHospital
85Mrs. Latha JustinW/o. JustinSSLCNovember 17, 2017RegularDresserHospital
86Ms. Shravyashree V. B.D/o.BalakrishnaB.ComNovember 14, 2017RegularStore KeeperHospital
87Mrs. Rohini G. Y.W/o. Udaya KuamrBA(L) LLBOctober 20, 2011RegularReceptionistHospital
88Ms. Ramyashree A.RD/o. Devaraj A.PBADecember 20, 2012RegularReceptionistHospital
89Mrs. Latha D.K.W/o. NarayanaGowdaBANovember 15, 1997RegularOffice Staff
(Registration, record maintenance, data entry)
90Mr. Vinay Kumar B. D.S/oDugappa GowdaMSWOctober 2, 2011RegularOffice Staff
(Registration, record maintenance, data entry)
91Mrs. Kousalya P.N.W/o. Sathish K.MBAJune 4, 2018RegularOffice Staff
(Registration, record maintenance, data entry)
92Mr. Muhammad Shareef V. K.S/o. MoiduPUCMay 2, 2019RegularDark Room AttendantHospital
93Dr. C R BhatS/o C Shiva Ram BhatMBBS MDDecember 1, 2000Part TimeMedical SpecialistHospital
94Dr. Chidananda K.VS/o. Dr. Sri Kurunji Venkatramana GowdaFICS MBBS, MSJuly 5, 2010Part TimeSurgical SpecialistHospital
95Dr.Geetha DoppaW/o RavikanthMBBS MD
July 5, 2010Part TimeObstetrician & GynecologistHospital
96Dr.NavyaW/o Dr. RanganthMBBS MD
July 1, 2014Part TimePathologistHospital
97Dr. RadhikaW/o. Dr. RajeshMD
August 5, 2019Part TimeAnesthesiologistHospital
98Dr. Mahesh BabuS/o. MonappaMD
August 1, 2019Part TimeOphthalmologistHospital
99Dr.Vijaya KumarS/o. Boraiah BMD
August 1, 2019Part TimePediatricianHospital
100Dr.Goutham GowdaS/o Gange GowdaMD
November 15, 2017Part TimeRadiologistHospital
101Dr. SukumarS/o Purushothama GowdaBDSSeptember 3, 2012Part TimeDentistHospital
102Mr. ChidanandaS/o. SomayyaDMXTMay 10, 2011Part TimeX-Ray Technician or RadiographerHospital
103Dr. PavanS/o. Anjeneyulu DMD
August 1, 2019Part TimePhysiotherapistHospital
104Dr. NatarajS/o. Channabasappa MMD
June 1, 2017RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
105Dr.Sanath Kumar D.GS/o GuddappaGowda DMD
June 25, 2010RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
106Dr. Sowmya S.VD/o Sukumarn JMD
February 8, 2014RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
107Dr.Lakshmeesha K.SS/o SheshappaGowdaMD
December 26, 2014RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
108Dr. SmithaThambanW/o . Dr. Harshavardhan KMD
December 14, 2015RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
109Dr. Smitha P. K.W/o. Vinayaraj MadthilaMD
March 2, 2018RegularPK SpecialistPK Therapy Section
110Dr. Ramya B. H.D/o. Harishchandra B SBAMSAugust 1, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
111Dr. Archana S BabuD/o. Gangadharan Pillai ABAMSAugust 2, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
112Dr. Shradha A. S.D/o. ShivaramaBAMSAugust 3, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
113Dr. Pooja K.S.D/o. Somashekhara KBAMSAugust 2, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
114Dr. Pooja Gundappa UdagiD/o.Dr. Pooja Gundappa UdagiBAMSAugust 3, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
115Dr. Babitha RaoD/o. Anantha Rao JadavBAMSAugust 1, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
116Dr. Kalleshkumar HiremathS/o. BasavarajBAMSAugust 3, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
117Dr. Gopika S. V. GokulD/o.Vasudevan E.BAMSAugust 1, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
118Dr. SharadhaD/o. Somarayya TalwarBAMSAugust 3, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
119Dr. Pooja D.G.D/o. Basavaraj D GBAMSAugust 2, 2019RegularHouse OfficerHospital
120Mrs. Veena K.V.W/o. VenkatSSLCMarch 1, 2005RegularPanchakarma NursePK OPD
121Mrs. Sunitha U.MD/o. Monappa U KSSLCDecember 20, 2004RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
122Ms. Divya B. V.D/o. Venugopala BPUCSeptember 7, 2018RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
123Mrs. MeenakshiW/o. RajeshSSLCAugust 1, 2019RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
124Ms. Swathi A. KD/o. Kunni KannanSSLCJuly 1, 2014RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
125Ms. Yashodha AD/o. Lakshmana Purusha ASSLCAugust 1, 2019RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
126Ms. Janani K.S.D/o. Sanath KumarSSLCNovember 2, 2017RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
127Mr. Sudharshan P KS/o. Kunjinna PataliPUCMay 4, 2013RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
128Mr. Vivek KS/o. BelliyappaPUCJune 24, 2013RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
129Mr. Shivananda M JS/o. Jayakumara Swamy M NPUCAugust 1, 2019RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
130Mr. Nithin M.H.S/o. NarayanaPUCNovember 3, 2015RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
131Mr. Chandrashekharan MS/o. Kelu ManiyaniPUCNovember 2, 2017RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
132Mr. Sachin SS/o. Sathya Narayana S GPUCAugust 1, 2019RegularPK Asst.Panchakarma
133Dr. Jayavani M. G.W/o. Dr. Leeladhar D.VBNYSMay 12, 2006RegularYoga TeacherHospital
134Dr.Deenaprakash BharadwajS/o Krishna Bhat BMS
October 7, 1996RegularShalya SpecialistOT/Kshara Sutra
135Dr.Gopalakrishna PrasadS/o Parameshwara Bhat MMS
April 26, 2010RegularShalya SpecialistOT/Kshara Sutra
136Dr.Harshvardhana KS/o Narayana KMS
June 9, 2009RegularShalya SpecialistOT/Kshara Sutra
137Dr. Deepak C NairS/o. K.P
January 8, 2013RegularShalya SpecialistOT/Kshara Sutra
138Dr. Santhosh Nair K PS/o. Venugopalan NairMS PrsoothiFebruary 24, 2018RegularShalya SpecialistOT/Kshara Sutra
139Mrs. Sruthi P.D/o. Aithappa MoolyaPUCJuly 1, 2014RegularOT NurseOT/Kshara Sutra
140Mr. Ramesh KrishnaS/o.Subbanna JoishaITIDecember 5, 2017RegularOT AttendantOT/Kshara Sutra
141Dr. Ashok KS/o.Mahalingeshwa r Bhat KMS PrsoothiAugust 23, 1999RegularPrasoothi SpecialistLabour Room
142Dr. Shwetha S SuvarnaW/o. Prem Nithin RMS PrsoothiJune 30, 2018RegularPrasoothi SpecialistLabour Room
143Dr. Rohith N. ShettarS/o. Dr. N.S.
MS PrsoothiJanuary 4, 2018RegularPrasoothi SpecialistLabour Room
144Dr. Rashmi K SW/o. Dr. PramodaMS PrsoothiDecember 10, 2018RegularPrasoothi SpecialistLabour Room
145Mrs. Jashmi SW/o. Lohithashwa P KANMAugust 1, 2019RegularMidwifeLabour Room
146Mrs. Madhushree P. NW/o. Kushanth K.DMLTAugust 8, 2018RegularLab. TechClinical Laboratory
147Mr. SashikumarS/o. Purandra NayakDMLTAugust 11, 2014RegularLab. TechClinical Laboratory
148Mrs. Vanitha J.W/o. Jaganatha P.BAAugust 5, 2019RegularAttendantClinical Laboratory
149Dr. Subrahmany BhatS/o. S K BhatMD
February 23, 2017RegularMicro BiologistClinical Laboratory
150Ms. Janaki K.W/o. ChandranPUCDecember 5, 2017RegularPeon / AttendantClinical Laboratory
151Dr. Purushothama K.G.S/o. GiriyappaGowdaMD (Ayu.)October 1, 2005RegularPharmacy ManagerTeaching Pharmacy
152Mrs. Shruthi H.W/o. HimakaraBANovember 8, 2017RegularAttendantTeaching Pharmacy
153Mr. Seetharama N.S/o. Krishnappa Gowda N.B.Sc.June 17, 2015RegularStore KeeperTeaching Pharmacy
154Ms. Padmavathi K.R.D/o. Rama Naik K.MPUCAugust 2, 2010RegularWorkersTeaching Pharmacy
155Mr. Jayaprasad P. R.S/o Ramayya GowdaITIFebruary 23, 2017RegularWorkersTeaching Pharmacy
156Mr. VenkatramanaS/o. Guddappa GowdaSSLCSeptember 24, 2015RegularWorkersTeaching Pharmacy
157Mr. Rathan Kumar K. JS/o. Late. ThimmayyaM.PharmaAugust 1, 2018RegularAnalytical ChemistTeaching Pharmacy
158Mr. KuldeepS/o. Late. PurushothamaM.Sc.,
August 12, 2019RegularPharmacogno sistTeaching Pharmacy
159Mrs. Vidya MadahviW/o. Dr. Vinaya Shankar BharadwajM.Sc.,
August 1, 2019RegularBio ChemistryTeaching Pharmacy
160Mrs. Parvathy AW/o. Dugappa GowdaBAAugust 1, 2007RegularHostel ManagerHostel
161Mr. Mohan K.S/o. Suboji Rao7 thAugust 4, 2014RegularCookCanteen / Hostel
162Mr. Antony P.J.S/o. P C JosephSSLCFebruary 1, 2018RegularCookCanteen / Hostel
163Ms. Lalitha KD/o. SubbaPataliSSLCApril 1, 2013RegularCookCanteen / Hostel
164Mr. Madhava T. MS/o. Batyappa8 thOctober 20, 2016RegularCookCanteen / Hostel
165Mrs. Pushpavathi U.J.W/o. Janardhana U KSSLCJune 9, 2015RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
166Ms. Pavithra K.D.D/o. Late|. Doddayya KPUCMay 12, 2016RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
167Mrs. Gunavathi J NW/o. GopalakrishnaSSLCJanuary 1, 2017RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
168Mrs. Harinakshi B.W/o. Jagadeesh RaiPUCFebruary 6, 2017RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
169Mrs. SusheelaW/o. Late/ Chaniyappa Naik7 thNovember 8, 2017RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
170Mrs. Hemavathi U RD/o. U Ramanna Gowda8 th01.12.201RegularAsst. CookCanteen / Hostel
171Mr. Vamshith K.S/o. Kepanna GowdaPUCJune 3, 2016RegularDriverHospital
172Mr. Anil HS/o. H Narayana GowdaITIAugust 10, 2019RegularElectricianHospital
173Mr. Jayarm GS/o. Raghava GowdaITIDecember 5, 2017RegularElectricianHospital
174Mr. Bharath K.S/o. Monappa GowdaITINovember 24, 2017RegularPlumberHospital
175Mr. Sudheer U.MS/o. Keshava Gowda U. M.ITINovember 2, 2018RegularPlumberHospital
176Mr. KishanS/o. Nagendra DDiploma in CivilAugust 10, 2019RegularCivil MaintenanceHospital
177Mrs. Reetha KW/o. ShankaraPUCJuly 20, 2003RegularWasher ManHospital
178Mrs. RamakkaW/o. Raghava7thSeptember 16, 2015RegularWasher ManHospital
179Ms. Rekha N RD/o. RavindraSSLCDecember 29, 2011RegularSweeperHospital
180Mrs. Usha A.HW/o. P KoragappaSSLCSeptember 16, 2015RegularSweeperHospital
181Smt. VenkammaW/o. Late/ Ramakrishna3rdNovember 25, 2014RegularSweeperHospital
182Mrs. Leelavathi M.W/o. Kushappa Gowda7thApril 19, 2016RegularSweeperHospital
183Mrs. Saraswathi M.B.W/o. M.S.
9thApril 19, 2016RegularSweeperHospital
184Ms. Rathnavathi N. KD/o. KeshavaSSLCApril 1, 2016RegularSweeperHospital
185Smt. HonammaW/o. Sathisha5thSeptember 10, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
186Mrs .N. B.
D/o. N K BelyappaSSLCSeptember 19, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
187Mrs. PremaW/o. B Vishwanatha7thNovember 1, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
188Mrs. Rathavathi B. U.W/o. Prasad M. G.7thNovember 1, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
189Smt. Neelamma TW/o. Janardhana B.5thNovember 1, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
190Mrs. K. KalavathiW/o. Nithyananda B8thNovember 28, 2018RegularSweeperHospital
191Mrs. Pushpavathi KW/o. Late| TheertharamaPUCFebruary 18, 2019RegularSweeperHospital
192Ms. VanajakshiD/o. Late| Gopala7thMarch 28, 2018RegularSweeperSnajeevini – Hospital
193Mrs. KusumaW/o. Ganapayya8thMay 15, 2019RegularSweeperSnajeevini – Hospital

@NameDesignationMobile NoEmail IDAddressPG QualificationReg No & BoardD.O.JoiningAdhar Number
Dr.N.S. ShettarProf./Principal& HOD9448812223nshettar787@gmail.comAt & Post Sortur Taluk,
Dist Gadag -582213
Karnataka State
M.D. -1983,
KAUP Board
4/10/20049722 1644 2992
Dr Nataraj C Professor 9739459483 Malleshwara Nivasa,
Gandhinagar Sira -572137,
Tumkur Karnataka
M.D.– 2009
KAUP Board
Dr Sanath Kumar D.G.Associate. Professor 9448152543sanathdg@gmail.comDeraje House,
Ivarnadu Post,
Sullia Taluk,
D.K. 574 245
M.D.– 2010
KAUP Board
25-06-20102218 6430 5947
Dr Soumya S.V.Associate. Professor Church House,
Chavadinada Venganoor Post,
Trivandrum, Kerala
M.D.– 2013
10742 TCMC 08.02.20149441 8525 4991
Dr Lakshmeesha K.S.Assistant Professor 9880900927 Kallumutlu House,
Aranthodu Village & Post,
Sullia T.Q.,
D.K., Karnataka
M.D– 2014
KAUP Board
26.12.20149461 6958 7032
Dr Smitha Thamban Assistant Professor “Shanthinikethana”,
Thodikana Post,
Sullia T.Q
M.D– 2015
11859- TCMC 14.12.2015 8339 8858 9727
Dr Smitha P.K. Assistant Professor 9632552438 Shubha Nilaya,
Ubaradka Mithur Post,
Sullia T.Q.,
D.K. Dist,
M.D– 2017
RGUHS B’lore
KAUP Board
Dr. Sathish B. 1645/10 Teachers Layout
Vidya Nagar
M.S.-2003 “Shalya Tantra”13249-31/07/2000
KAUP Board
01.07.20103102 0146 3635
Dr. Venu N.Associate“Inchara”
Maril Via Durbe,
Puttur Taluk,
D.K- 574325
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
18.07.20115048 5410 0617
Dr. Vinaya Shankara Bharadwaj B.Assistant Prof9945907201dr.vsbharadwaj@gmail.comBharadwaj Ashram,
Aramboor Post
“Shareera Rachana”
KAUP Board
26.12.20144483 7749 9012
Dr. Sahana S.Assistant Prof.8722613431drjois@rediffmailcomSourabha Compound,
Behind Bus Stand,
Sullia D.K.
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
26.12.20146452 5689 0432
Dr.Deena Prakash BharadwajProfessor &“Shri Nilaya”,
Bharadwaj Ashram,
Aramboor ,
Sullia Post & Taluk
D.K –Karnataka – 574239
M.D. -1986
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
7/10/19964941 4049 5825
Dr.Gopalakrishna Prasad M.P.Professor9844580989drgkprasad@gmail.comPrabhava House,
SN Nagar 1st Cross,
M.S. -2001,
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
26-04-20107828 0407 9331“Shanthinikethana”,
Thodikana Post,
Sullia T.Q., D.K
M.D. -2009
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
9/6/20098322 0536 1708
Dr.Deepak C.NairAssociate Prof9645512077drdeepaknairc@gmail.comKochukandathil House,Mankad Post,Thodupuzha T.Q,Idukki Dist. Kerala.M.S. -2012
“Shalya Tantra”
08.01.20139163 6409 3654
Dr.Santhosh Nair K.P.Assistant Prof.9620890537kpsanthoshnair@gmail.comPanoor Chandan Kai House,Karadka Post,Kasaragod Dist.KERALA,M.S.2017
“Shalya Tantra”
Dr.KrishnaPrakashProfessor &“Rasagara”,Kariyal Post,Puttur D.K,Karnataka – 574201.M.D. -1992
“Kayachikitsa “
KAUP Board
20-05-19973110 3619 8064
Dr.Bharathi A.P.Associate Prof.9845870791bharathiap@yahoo.inPovakunji Estate,Hoskeri Village,Maragod Post,Kodagu -571261.M.D. 1999
“Kaya Chikitsa”
KAUP Board
01.07.20102979 1130 8545
Dr.Bhagyesha K.Associate Prof.9880901594drbhaguayur@gmail.comJyothi Nilaya,Madavu Post,Puttur Taluk,D.K.M.D. -2011
KAUP Board
18-07-20114786 8671 3447
Dr.Anoop P.A.Assistant Prof.9526748842paayurveda@gmail.comSreepuram House,Makkiyad Post,Wayanad Dist,Kerala – 670731M.D. -2014
8644-TCMC15.12.20149924 5231 6410
Dr.Pranavi KAssistant Aaradhya House,1st cross D.Rravishankar layout,Bogadi 2nd stage,Mysore-570026M.D-2014
KAUP Board
01.02.20198102 9752 0784
Dr.Shafi M.S.Assistant Prof.9496348084drshafims@gmail.comKizhakkavil House,Earathu Vadakara Post,Kottayam Dist,Kerala 686543MD -2015
06.01.20162352 9394 2904
Dr.Annapoorna S.Assistant, Sri Nilaya,Parladka Cross Road,Darbe, Puttur -574202MD -2016
KAUP Board
15.12.20163466 5592 9997
Dr.AshokProfessor &“Parnakuti”,Kamila Post,Dugaladka, Sullia- 574239,D.KM.D.2000
“Prasoothi Tantra & Stree Roga”
KAUP Board
23-08-19992879 4003 7474,Avon Prestige Kensington Garden, Near HMT Theatre Jalahalli-560013,BangaloreM.D.2009
“Prasoothi Tantra & Stree Roga”
KAUP Board
30.06.20187352 9044 5241
Dr.Rohit.N.ShettarAssistant Prof.9880901604shettar.rohit@gmail.comAt &Post Hennagara, Tq, Anekal, Bangalore Dist.KarnatakaM.S.2013
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
Dr.Rashmi.K.S.Assistant Prof.8762210899rashmikallare@gmail.comShri Janani Nilaya Poombady, Bilinele Village,Kaikamba Post,Puttur TQ,D.K. Dist, KarnatakaM.S-2018
“Prasoothi Tantra & Stee Roga”
KAUP Board
10.12.20188966 7468 9885
Dr.Udaya Shankar Bhat Professor & HOD 9449627464dr.udayashankar@gmail.comBenaka Health Centre,Ganapathi Street, Madikeri -571201.M.D. -1990
“Shalakya Tantra”
KAUP Board
Dr.Hariprasad Shetty M.Professor 9880464302ayurdhama4you@gmail.comNiya, 2-211/6, Oldgate, Sullia-DKM.S. -2005
“Shalakya Tantra”
KAUP Board
Dr. Gowrishankara C.K.Assistant Prof.8970168236gowrishankarsulugodu@gmail.comJamadagni Farms, Sulugodu House, Chokkady Post Sullia TQ, D.K.M.S-2018
“Shalya Tantra”
KAUP Board
Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor & HOD9449574560drnraj06@rediffmail.comAgrahara House,Post Subrahmanya, D.K., Karnataka- 574238M.D. 2002
KAUP Board
Dr.Kavitha B.M Professor9483139966drkavithadprasad@gmail.comD/o. B.M. Madhava Gowda, Rtd. R.F.O. Jattipalla House, Sullia Taluk,KarnatakaM.D. 2006
KAUP Board
Dr.Vijayalaxmi P.B.Professor9449902447dr.vijijp@gmail.comW/o. Jayaprakash K.,Kanathila House,Sullia Post,Sullia Taluk, D.K. KarnatakaM.D. 2009
KAUP Board
Dr.Raveesh M. VAssociate Prof.9747254677raveeshmv@yahoo.comVidyanidi House,Majakkar Malla Post,Maliyar,Kasaragod Dist.-671542M.D. 2011
KAUP Board
Dr.Neethu P.Associate Prof.9995356463drneethu@ymail.comPuthiyedath House, Cheekkilode,P.O.,Atholi – via, Calicut,Kerala – 673315M.D – 2012
Dr.Leeladhar.D.V.Professor & HOD9449717171drleeladhar_dv@rediffmail.comDola House, Goonadka Post, Sampaje Village,Sullia D.K. -574254M.D. 2005
KAUP Board
2/9/20059592 5799 0128
Dr.Ravishankar Gurushri, 2nd Main Krishnappa Layout,Behind Hemavathi Water Supply Uttarahalli,Bangalore 560061M.D. -2003
Andra Pradesh Board
9/6/20068760 1232 7422
Patte House, Badagannur Post, Puttur T.Q, Dakshina Kannada -574334
M.D-2008 “Dravyaguna”
16595-13/08/2004 KAUP Board
Dr.Avinash K. V.Associate

Vishaka House,Salethur Post,Bantwal Taluk,D.KM.D. -2011
KAUP Board
Dr. U Santhosh NayakAssociate“Guru Kripa”,Krishna Nagar, Houseing Colony Vidya Nagar, Udaya Giri Post, Kasaragod, Kerala.M.D. -2014
“Agada Tantra”
Dr.Pavithra PAssistant Prof.9743747575pavithragowda35@gmail.comD.No. 944 K.G.Road, Ganjam Shrirangapatna,Mandya Dist, Karnataka.M.D. -2017 “
Agada Tantra Evam Vidhi Vaidyaka”
KAUP Board
Dr.Anusha GAssistant
#1-28, Akshaya,Nadka House Padpinangady, Karikala Post,Kalmadka Village,Sullia D.K.M.D. -2018
“Agada Tantra”
KAUP Board
Dr.Rohini D. BharadwajProfessor &
Shri Nilaya Bharadwaj Ashram Aramboor,Sullia Post, Sullia Taluk D.K,Karnataka-574239M.D. 1986
“Dravyaguna”, “R.S.B.K. “
KAUP Board
Kattemane House Kenchambika Kirpa,Balugodu Village & Post Sullia Taluk D.K.M.D. 2005,
“Bhaishajya Kalpana”
KAUP Board
Kattemane House,Kenchambika Kirpa Balugodu Village&Post Sullia Taluk D.K.M.D. 2008,
KAUP Board
Dr.Rohith Krishnan G.B.Assistant Prof.7736557129 rohithkrishnagb@gmail.comKrishna Vilas,Vadakavilla Post,Kollam Dist,KeralaM.D-2015
Bhaishajya Kalpana U
11839- TCMC06.01.2016568905829985
Dr.Sujatha MAssistant,EWS II Sharadadevi Nagar Mysore,KarnatakaM.D-2016
KAUP Board
Dr.Pavana K.B.Assistant Prof.8762121397drpavanakb07@gmail.comJyothi Nilaya,Madavu Post,Puttur Taluk, D.K.M.D-2017
“Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana”
KAUP Board
Dr.Vishnu Narayana Prasad AAssistant Prof.7736403049vishnunp@gmail.comBhishma, T.C 24/985, NCRA-113, Kaudiar Post, Nanthencode, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaM.D-2017
“Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana”
Dr. Seetharama A CProfessor & HOD9148942887pet5014@gmail.comCheenadi House, Addor , P.O. Urdur, Kasaragod Dist., KERALA.BSAM 1981
KAUP Board Bangalore
Dr.Manish Shantilal
A/P – Flat No -10, Topaz Apart Yashwant Nagar, Talegoan Station – 410507,T.Q. Maral, Dist. PUNEM.D. 2006
“Shareera Kriya”
Maharastra Board
Dr.Anishma Devi NAssistant
Anugraha Manipady, R.D. Nagar Post, Kasaragod Dist,KeralaM.D-2017
Dr.S.G.KulkarniProfessor & HOD 9902381500drkulakarni@gmail.comShivaganga Nilaya, K.C. Nagar Opp. DCC Bank Solapur Road, Bijapur – 586101M.D. 2005 “Samhitha” 2252-14/10/1998 KAUP Board25.09.2012564851369010
Dr.AshaH.S.Assistant Prof.9844667769dr.ashagowda@ymail.comW/o. Jaijeeth H.R, S/o. H.N. Rame Gowda,Sri Rama Krupa,Near Bhanu Makash Sclured,
Indawara (P.P),
M.D.-2014 “Ayurveda Siddhanta”27752-06/04/2011 KAUP Board26.12.2014429370967203
Dr.Sreeja S.Assistant Prof.9496332118sreejas840@gmail.comD/o. Jayadevan R., Vadakkevelikkath,Pannapra Post, Alappuzha Dist., KeralaM.D.-2015 “Ayurveda Siddhanta”9870-TCMC18.07.2016342594562082
Dr.Alokanatha D.D.Assistant Prof.9663832468d.aloknath@yahoo.comAraga Post Tirthahalli Shivamogga Dist Karnataka,Pin : 577414M.D.-2015 “Ayurveda Siddhanta”26377-25/03/2010 KAUP Board16.11.2016722056451164
Mrs.Shashikala DLecturer (Sanskrit)9448625124shashidhruva124@gmail.comAjankury House,Kodimbady Post, Bellippady Village,Puttur,T.Q D.KM.A. 1994
Mrs.Asha Suresh
———Kurunji House Kurunjibhag, Sullia T.Q, Dakshina Kannda Dist, 574327
Dr.Hariprakash.HProfessor & HOD9448984057sujatha.kalmath@gmail.comHarikripa,Bolubail,Post Sonangeri, Sullia Taluk D.K.M.D. -1984
KAUP Board
No. 2460 HT Double Road, 2nd Stage Vijayanagar Mysore-570017
M.D. -1983 “Kayachikitsa”
7251-16/07/1982 KAUP Board
Dr.Jyolsna C.J.Assistant“Chanath House,Pallikkai Bazar,Post-Chelembra,Via Malappuram,Dist KERALAM.D.2015
“Roganidana & Vikruthi Vignana”
Dr.Shashank MuralidharanAssistant Prof.9035516467itsshashank.m@gmail.comKalyani House,Alarai Vayal Puthiyakotta,Hosdurg,Kanhangad Post,Kasarsgod Kerala-671315M.D.2018
“Roganidana & Vikruthi Vignana”
KAUP Board
Dr S Thirumaleshwara BhatProfessor9449999158rakshaayurveda@gmail.comShanthimoole House,Nettaru Manikkara via Bellare,Sullia TQ D.K,Karnataka – 574212M.D-1990
KAUP Board
01.04.20195061 2551 8259
Dr Sachin NadkaAssociate Prof.9964139245sachinnadka@gmail.comNadka House,Karikala Post,Kalmadka Village,Sullia,D.KM.D. -2011
KAUP Board
21-09-20115055 3150 6591
Dr. Shabina T TAsst. Professor8105394717shabnamehar@gmail.comThundiyottu Thazha, Naduvathur, Keezhariyur, Kozhikode Dist., KeralaMD(Ayu)-2017
Swastha Vritta & Yoga
Travancore Cochin Medical Council, Kerala
Dr Anusree MAssistant Prof.8129457989dranusreemayu@gmail.comMadathil House,Edachery P.O.Vadakara Kozhikode Dist.Kerala – 673502M.D. -2014
15.12.20143468 3308 6276
Dr. Jayavani
Yoga Teacher
—-Dola House, Goonadka Post, Sampaje Village, Sullia D.K. -574254

Sl. NoNameFather’s NameQualificationDate of
Nature of
(Regular/Contractual/Part- time)
DesignationName of the working Dept. 
1Ms. SahanaKumari A.Shivaram BalyayyaM LibJune 20, 2001REGULARLibrarianLibrary
2Ms. Thejaswini K.N.Narayana K.C.M.LibJanuary 10, 2009REGULARAsst. LibrarianLibrary
3Mrs. Anandeshwari G.W/o. YoganandaMA., B.LibSeptember 6, 2016REGULARAsst. LibrarianLibrary
4Ms. Kavya N.Giriyappa GowdaITIDecember 16, 2013REGULARAttendantLibrary
5Mr. Chandra Kumar K.Puttanna GowdaM.ASeptember 3, 1999REGULAROffice Supdt.Office Staff
6Mrs. Vedamani M.B.Balanna GowdaB.ComJuly 18, 1996REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
7Mr. Dharmapala S.Chaniyappa PoojariB.Com MAOctober 10, 2000REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
8Mrs. Lathashree A.PPadmanabha GowdaBA CTTCJune 25, 2012REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
9Ms. Vismitha P. LLokanathB.ComOctober 23, 2018REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
10Mrs. Chandralekha K.W/o. Late. SundaraPUCAugust 7, 2018REGULARAttendantOffice Staff
11Ms. Rashmitha K. R.Kushalappa GowdaM.ComAugust 7, 2019REGULARPrincipal AttendantPrincipal Office
12Mr. Girish S.Sheshappa PoojariSSLCSeptember 1, 2011REGULARAttendantSamhitha Siddantha
13Mr. Ramesh KS/o. Subbha KDMLTSeptember 2, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Rachana Shareera
14Ms. SharifaD/o. MahammadDMLTAugust 5, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Rachana Shareera
15Mr. Harshith K.S/o. Damodhara PataliMSWMarch 1, 2018REGULARMuseum KeeperRachana Shareera
16Mr. Keshava M.A.S/o. VasudevaBANovember 13, 2017REGULARLifterRachana Shareera
17Mr. Deekshith R. G.S/o. RameshMBANovember 14, 2017REGULARLab Asst.Rachana Shareera
18Mrs. Megha B.K.W/o. Bharath B JBASeptember 15, 2018REGULARAttendantRachana Shareera
19Mr. Jayantha BLate. Somappa GowdaDMLTSeptember 2, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Kriya Shareera
20Mrs. Archana K. L.W/o. Pratheek RajDMLTAugust 1, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Kriya Shareera
21Mrs. Havya K. R.W/o. RadhakrishnaBA DCADecember 16, 2012REGULARLab Asst.Kriya Shareera
22Mrs. DhamayanthiW/o. Mudappa GowdaSSLCJune 2, 2018REGULARAttendantKriya Shareera
23Mrs. Lakshmi K.W/o. UmeshaDMLTJuly 6, 2018REGULARLab Tech.Dravyaguna Vigyana
24Ms. Veena Kumari K.D/o. GopannaGowdaDMLTAugust 13, 2018REGULARLab Tech.Dravyaguna Vigyana
25Mrs. Soumya PW/o. YogishaBAApril 29, 2019REGULARMuseum KeeperDravyaguna Vigyana
26Ms. YashaswiniD/o. Vijaya KumarSSLCJuly 15, 2019REGULARLab Asst.Dravyaguna Vigyana
27Ms. Bhavya U.YW/o. YogeeshMSWNovember 23, 2017REGULARAttendantDravyaguna Vigyana
28Mrs. RajeshwariW/o. MaheshDMLTJuly 21, 2014REGULARLab. TechRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
29Mrs. Sandya DW/o. Shrinivasa P KDMLTMay 3, 2019REGULARLab. TechRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
30Mrs. Bharathi B.K.D/o. Krishnappa GowdaB.AJuly 6, 2006REGULARLab Asst.Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
31Ms. SumithraD/o. Vamana NaikPUCJune 17, 2015REGULARLab Asst.Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
32Mr. Gopalakrishna K.S/o. Guddappa GowdaSSLCSeptember 25, 2001REGULARAttendantRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
33Mr. Sunil KumarVamanna Gowda KDMLTAugust 20, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
34Mr. Raghava K.S/o. RamannaDMLTOctober 1, 2015REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
35Ms. Rasiya BD/o. KareemDMLTAugust 5, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
36Mrs. Pavithra A.W/o.KarunakaraBBMFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab Asst.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
37Ms. Pragathi UD/o. Mohanana das Gowda UB.ComJanuary 14, 2019REGULARAttendantRoganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
38Mr. Lithin Kumar K.M.Madhava K.DiplomaFebruary 23, 2017REGULARMuseum KeeperSwasthavri tha / Agada Tantra
39Mr. Shivaprakash B.S.SomappaGowdaPUCApril 4, 2006REGULARAttendantSwasthavri tha / Agada Tantra
40Mr. HaricharanS/o. K R Gangadhara GowdaDMLTApril 3, 2010REGULARLab TechPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
41Mr. Vasudeva D.Lingappa GowdaITIFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab AsstPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
42Mrs. JyothimalaW/o. DevappaSSLCAugust 1, 2017REGULARAttendantPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
43Mr. Raghava Gowda K.GuddappaPUCOctober 1, 2015REGULARAttendantPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
44Ms. Rajani G. M.D/o. Late. Madhava GowdaDMLTFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab Tech.Shalya Tantra
45Ms. SheshammaD/o. Shivappa Gowda10 thMay 2, 2012REGULARLab Asst.Shalya Tantra
46Mrs. Seena JamesW/o. Jems MathewSSLCFebruary 23, 2017REGULARAttendantShalya Tantra
47Mr. Sujith K.Sankappa PoojariPUCNovember 2, 2017REGULARGardenerHerbal Garden
48Mr. Udaya S.S/o. Appu NaikaSSLCDecember 1, 2016REGULARMulti Skill WorkerHerbal Garden
49Mr. Abdul HaneefMohammedPUCMay 4, 2010REGULARMulti Skill WorkerHerbal Garden
50Mr. Abhijna U.MMohan U. C.ITIDecember 21, 2015REGULARElectricianCollege
51Mr. Ajith Kumar MS/o. M Deranna GowdaITIJune 7, 2017REGULARElectricianCollege
52Mrs. SarojiniW/o. Shivappa7 thJuly 3, 2014REGULARSweeperCollege
53Smt. Nalinakshi N.P.W/o. N PadmanabhaSSLCApril 3, 2018REGULARSweeperCollege
54Mrs. Bhagirathi MW/o. Ramanna GowdaSSLCMay 1, 2019REGULARSweeperCollege
55Mrs. LeelaW/o. Madhava7 thJune 19, 2014REGULARSweeperLibrary
56Mrs. BhavaniW/o. Chaniya5 thSeptember 26, 2016REGULARSweeperLibrary
57Mrs. BhagirathiD/o. Machulu KSSLCJanuary 18, 2011REGULARSweeperHostel Section
58Mrs. Rajeevi K.W/o. Sundara K7 thSeptember 1, 2009REGULARSweeperHostel Section
59Ms. Shashikala M.D/o. Malla8 thOctober 15, 2014REGULARSweeperHostel Section
60Ms. Anitha K.D/o. KabbuSSLCNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
61Ms. Shashikala K.D/o. RamaSSLCNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
62Ms. Shruthi K.D/o. GuruvaSSLCJune 1, 2014REGULARSweeperHostel Section
63Mrs. SundariW/o. Chemba5 thNovember 22, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
64Ms. SumavathiD/o. Jogi8 thNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
65Ms. VidyaD/o. BabuSSLCAugust 1, 2017REGULARSweeperHostel Section
66Ms. Balaki K.D/o. Bada9 thNovember 19, 2018REGULARSweeperHostel Section
67Mrs. Anitha AW/o. RadhakrishnaPUCJune 11, 2015REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section
68Mrs. Bharathi M.TW/o. Thimappa Gowda8 thNovember 14, 2016REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section
69Mrs. Anitha C.K.W/o. ChandrashekharaSSLCDecember 1, 2016REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section

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