Teaching Staffs



Name Designation Mobile Number Email ID Address
  Dr. Rohini D. Bharadwaj  Professor & HOD 9448844089 ardeebi@gmail.com Shri Nilaya Bharadwaj Ashram Aramboor, Sullia Post, Sullia Taluk D.K. Karnataka-574239
Dr. Purushothama K.G.  Professor 9886717960 drpurushothamakg@gmail.com Kattemane House, ‘Kenchambika Kirpa’ Balugodu Village and Post Sullia Taluk D.K.
Dr. Harshitha M. Professor 9448211048 dr_harshitham@rediffmail.com Kattemane House, ‘Kenchambika Kirpa’ Balugodu Village and Post Sullia Taluk D.K.
Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B. Asst.Prof. 7736557129 rohithkrishnagb@gmail.com Krishna Vilas  Vadakavilla Post   Kollam Dist                Kerala
Dr. Sujatha M  Asst.Prof. 9341765709 sujatha.kalmath@gmail.com #1074, EWS II Sharadadevi Nagar  Mysore,  Karnataka
  Dr. Pavana K.B. Asst.Prof. 8762121397 drpavanakb07@gmail.com Jyothi Nilaya, Madavu Post, Puttur Taluk, D.K.


Department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana is a branch of Ayurveda which deals with the preparation of medicines by using Kashtaoushadhi (Herbal), Rasoushadhi (Mineral) and Kashta-rasoushadhi (Herbo-mineral). Kasthaoushdhi includes different parts of the herbs both in wet and dry forms. It includes toxic drugs also, but these toxic drugs should undergo specific samskara like shodhana etc. before preparation of any medicines. Rasoushadhi includes minerals, metals, and animal origin drugs. These drugs must undergo proper samskaras like, shodhana, marana, etc. before preparing medicines to avoid toxicity of the drugs. All the samskaras mentioned in the classics are performed in this department to both UG and PG students.

Different types of formulations i.e. Vati, Vatika, Churna, Bhasma, Kupipakwa rasa, parpati, pottali, Varti, Asavarishta, arka etc. are prepared. UG and PG practicals are taken regularly. The department is well equipped with all instruments which are needed for UG and PG practicals. Well maintained museum containing all the specimens of metals, minerals, herbal drugs, pharmacy model etc. for the benefit of students. For both UG and PG’s Pharmacy visits are organized during the academic year to know about the pharmacy and industrial management regarding manufacturing. Department is attached with the KVG Ayurveda Pharma, where more than 150 products are prepared regularly.

PG course in the department was started in the year 2012 with the intake of 6 students.