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About Shalakya tantra

Shalakya tantra is one among the eight branches of Ayurveda. Shalakya tantra deal with the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that are located above the neck region, such as the head, ear, nose, eyes and throat. The name of the branch is called because of the excessive use of ‘Shalaka’ which means ‘probe’. It is also called as Urdhwanga chikitsa.
The departments includes department library, Clinical class room, Kriya kalpa (treatment room), department museum , HOD and staff rooms.

The OPD of the Shalakya tantra includes various modern diagnostic tools and instruments in eye, ENT and dentistry. In the in-patient department, all the facilities are provide for the patient who are getting admitted to have eye and ENT treatment. There is a separate treatment room is available to perform different special treatments of eye and ENT.

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