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According to Sushrutha, Shalya tantra is best suited, when the problem is beyond just medical repair. In case like, Arshas (Piles), Bhagandara (Fistula), nadeevrana (Sinus), Arbuda (tumor and cysts), Gandamala (enlarged lymph node), Gudabramsha (prolapse rectum), Ashmari (stone), Mutravyadhi (retention of urine) and stanaroga (breast diseases), Shalya tantra should be used. The treatment would not only give faster relief to the ailing person, but also be beneficial in situations, where kayachikitsa will fall short.

Department has Minor OT, Major OT, Ksharasutra OT, with fully equipped surgical instruments. Special treatment like Rakthamoshana, Agnikarma is done by well trained and specialized Doctors.
Department includes under graduate and post graduate students. Who are trained by skilled and qualified faculty members.

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