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ABOUT Department of Swasthavritha

Ayurveda the science of life laid down all principles which are necessary in maintence of health under the subject swasthavritha.
Department is well established with class room, equipped laboratory and museum. Swasthavritha has unique concepts and methodologies to address primary health care. Department works in domains like personal health, Public health, Ayurveda deities, yoga and environmental studies.

Department has come up with involvement in community activities in nearby villages in collaboration with NSS unit, conducting morning yoga session for IPD pts as well as for public, diet advice to healthy individual and patient in OPD as well as IPD.
Department also engages itself to different visits to water treatment center, PHC’ S, visits to rehabilitation center and visit to Yoga and Naturopathy center.
With this Knowledge, students are encouraged for practice of Swasthavrita with concept of preventive, promotive and rehabilitative care and able to create awareness of increasing trends health and happiness in day today life.

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