KVG Ayurveda hospital works with the main motto of “Service To Mankind” .The college hospital is running with the faculty available round the clock, to the needy.Hospital begins with reception, waiting hall,dispensery along with OPD’s ,IPD’s,separate male & female panchakarma theatres,special wards,sanjeevani ward & kriyakalpa room which are one of its kind in the surrounding area.


The  separate OPD’s for kayachikitsa, swasthya, prasooti tantra & sthreeroga, shalakya, panchakarma, balaroga & shalya tantra renders a selfless service to the public. Male & female panchakarma theatres under the guidance of specialist in well-established setup. Hospital section is supported by a well-equipped laboratory where all useful tests are carried out.
A well-established OT’s for Shayla & Prasooti tantra departments are provided ,where various surgical & gynecological procedures are carried out.The shalakya, kaumarabrithya & naturopathy with acupuncture therapy are also fully functional.

In concern with the health of people, hospital is running regular mobile health camps in rural areas. These camps are conducted under the joint ventures of likeminded local associations who concern for public health, thousands have gained benefits of such camps. Regular health units in Taluk & neighboring districts will be visited by a doctor accompanied by a group of students for regular health checkups.
The hospital building consists of 172 beds in total , out of which 44 in kayachikitsa,10 in kaumarabrithya,10 in shalakya,20 in prasooti tantra ,44 in panchakarma & 44 in shalya.And all other non-clinical subjects like Dravyaguna, Agada tantra, RSBK & swastha vritta comes under swasthya OP section.The hospital consists of 10 wards of which 4 are specialized wards, other 6 are enlisted under general wards. The infrastructure also have VIP wards named specially as “SANJEEVANI”.It includes AC rooms and 2 special premium rooms attached with centralizedAC,panchakarma theatres & yoga hall with library.The building have 3 well established panchakarma theatres with 5 theatre tables & 2 specialized theatres with 3 treatment tables in Sanjeevani  ward.
Hospital also includes theatre for kriyakalpa with all facilities, labor theatre with air conditioner and also we do several other procedures like yoni prakshalana, D& C etc., by the guidance of expert gynecologists.
The infrastructure also have laboratory facility which undergo biochemistry tests like FBS, PPBS, RBS, etc., microbiology tests like HIV-tridot, HBsAg, widal, VDRL, hematology/pathology tests like blood grouping & Rh typing, BT/CT,ESR etc,other special investigations like Anti TG,ANA PROFILE etc. ;all these have been done by guidance of lab technician.

 Thus provided with all the facilities, KVG Ayurveda Medical College prosper in its growth.