News-->We inform you that we have got the permission to start admission for the academics of 2019-20. In this regard we are into the admission process. The NEET eligibility for management seats is relaxed. Those candidates who are meeting the eligibility criteria for BAMS course can come and get admission in our college. For details contact college office. Timing: 9:00AM TO 5:00PM   -  From Administrator


Dakshina Kannada, Sullia

08257 233208



Sl. NoNameFather’s NameQualificationDate of
Nature of
(Regular/Contractual/Part- time)
DesignationName of the working Dept. 
1Ms. SahanaKumari A.Shivaram BalyayyaM LibJune 20, 2001REGULARLibrarianLibrary
2Ms. Thejaswini K.N.Narayana K.C.M.LibJanuary 10, 2009REGULARAsst. LibrarianLibrary
3Mrs. Anandeshwari G.W/o. YoganandaMA., B.LibSeptember 6, 2016REGULARAsst. LibrarianLibrary
4Ms. Kavya N.Giriyappa GowdaITIDecember 16, 2013REGULARAttendantLibrary
5Mr. Chandra Kumar K.Puttanna GowdaM.ASeptember 3, 1999REGULAROffice Supdt.Office Staff
6Mrs. Vedamani M.B.Balanna GowdaB.ComJuly 18, 1996REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
7Mr. Dharmapala S.Chaniyappa PoojariB.Com MAOctober 10, 2000REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
8Mrs. Lathashree A.PPadmanabha GowdaBA CTTCJune 25, 2012REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
9Ms. Vismitha P. LLokanathB.ComOctober 23, 2018REGULARClerical Staff for Administrative & Accounts ServicesOffice Staff
10Mrs. Chandralekha K.W/o. Late. SundaraPUCAugust 7, 2018REGULARAttendantOffice Staff
11Ms. Rashmitha K. R.Kushalappa GowdaM.ComAugust 7, 2019REGULARPrincipal AttendantPrincipal Office
12Mr. Girish S.Sheshappa PoojariSSLCSeptember 1, 2011REGULARAttendantSamhitha Siddantha
13Mr. Ramesh KS/o. Subbha KDMLTSeptember 2, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Rachana Shareera
14Ms. SharifaD/o. MahammadDMLTAugust 5, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Rachana Shareera
15Mr. Harshith K.S/o. Damodhara PataliMSWMarch 1, 2018REGULARMuseum KeeperRachana Shareera
16Mr. Keshava M.A.S/o. VasudevaBANovember 13, 2017REGULARLifterRachana Shareera
17Mr. Deekshith R. G.S/o. RameshMBANovember 14, 2017REGULARLab Asst.Rachana Shareera
18Mrs. Megha B.K.W/o. Bharath B JBASeptember 15, 2018REGULARAttendantRachana Shareera
19Mr. Jayantha BLate. Somappa GowdaDMLTSeptember 2, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Kriya Shareera
20Mrs. Archana K. L.W/o. Pratheek RajDMLTAugust 1, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Kriya Shareera
21Mrs. Havya K. R.W/o. RadhakrishnaBA DCADecember 16, 2012REGULARLab Asst.Kriya Shareera
22Mrs. DhamayanthiW/o. Mudappa GowdaSSLCJune 2, 2018REGULARAttendantKriya Shareera
23Mrs. Lakshmi K.W/o. UmeshaDMLTJuly 6, 2018REGULARLab Tech.Dravyaguna Vigyana
24Ms. Veena Kumari K.D/o. GopannaGowdaDMLTAugust 13, 2018REGULARLab Tech.Dravyaguna Vigyana
25Mrs. Soumya PW/o. YogishaBAApril 29, 2019REGULARMuseum KeeperDravyaguna Vigyana
26Ms. YashaswiniD/o. Vijaya KumarSSLCJuly 15, 2019REGULARLab Asst.Dravyaguna Vigyana
27Ms. Bhavya U.YW/o. YogeeshMSWNovember 23, 2017REGULARAttendantDravyaguna Vigyana
28Mrs. RajeshwariW/o. MaheshDMLTJuly 21, 2014REGULARLab. TechRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
29Mrs. Sandya DW/o. Shrinivasa P KDMLTMay 3, 2019REGULARLab. TechRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
30Mrs. Bharathi B.K.D/o. Krishnappa GowdaB.AJuly 6, 2006REGULARLab Asst.Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
31Ms. SumithraD/o. Vamana NaikPUCJune 17, 2015REGULARLab Asst.Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
32Mr. Gopalakrishna K.S/o. Guddappa GowdaSSLCSeptember 25, 2001REGULARAttendantRasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana
33Mr. Sunil KumarVamanna Gowda KDMLTAugust 20, 2014REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
34Mr. Raghava K.S/o. RamannaDMLTOctober 1, 2015REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
35Ms. Rasiya BD/o. KareemDMLTAugust 5, 2019REGULARLab Tech.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
36Mrs. Pavithra A.W/o.KarunakaraBBMFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab Asst.Roganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
37Ms. Pragathi UD/o. Mohanana das Gowda UB.ComJanuary 14, 2019REGULARAttendantRoganidana evam Vikruthi Vigyana
38Mr. Lithin Kumar K.M.Madhava K.DiplomaFebruary 23, 2017REGULARMuseum KeeperSwasthavri tha / Agada Tantra
39Mr. Shivaprakash B.S.SomappaGowdaPUCApril 4, 2006REGULARAttendantSwasthavri tha / Agada Tantra
40Mr. HaricharanS/o. K R Gangadhara GowdaDMLTApril 3, 2010REGULARLab TechPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
41Mr. Vasudeva D.Lingappa GowdaITIFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab AsstPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
42Mrs. JyothimalaW/o. DevappaSSLCAugust 1, 2017REGULARAttendantPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
43Mr. Raghava Gowda K.GuddappaPUCOctober 1, 2015REGULARAttendantPrasoothi /KC / PK / KB
/ Shalakya
44Ms. Rajani G. M.D/o. Late. Madhava GowdaDMLTFebruary 23, 2017REGULARLab Tech.Shalya Tantra
45Ms. SheshammaD/o. Shivappa Gowda10 thMay 2, 2012REGULARLab Asst.Shalya Tantra
46Mrs. Seena JamesW/o. Jems MathewSSLCFebruary 23, 2017REGULARAttendantShalya Tantra
47Mr. Sujith K.Sankappa PoojariPUCNovember 2, 2017REGULARGardenerHerbal Garden
48Mr. Udaya S.S/o. Appu NaikaSSLCDecember 1, 2016REGULARMulti Skill WorkerHerbal Garden
49Mr. Abdul HaneefMohammedPUCMay 4, 2010REGULARMulti Skill WorkerHerbal Garden
50Mr. Abhijna U.MMohan U. C.ITIDecember 21, 2015REGULARElectricianCollege
51Mr. Ajith Kumar MS/o. M Deranna GowdaITIJune 7, 2017REGULARElectricianCollege
52Mrs. SarojiniW/o. Shivappa7 thJuly 3, 2014REGULARSweeperCollege
53Smt. Nalinakshi N.P.W/o. N PadmanabhaSSLCApril 3, 2018REGULARSweeperCollege
54Mrs. Bhagirathi MW/o. Ramanna GowdaSSLCMay 1, 2019REGULARSweeperCollege
55Mrs. LeelaW/o. Madhava7 thJune 19, 2014REGULARSweeperLibrary
56Mrs. BhavaniW/o. Chaniya5 thSeptember 26, 2016REGULARSweeperLibrary
57Mrs. BhagirathiD/o. Machulu KSSLCJanuary 18, 2011REGULARSweeperHostel Section
58Mrs. Rajeevi K.W/o. Sundara K7 thSeptember 1, 2009REGULARSweeperHostel Section
59Ms. Shashikala M.D/o. Malla8 thOctober 15, 2014REGULARSweeperHostel Section
60Ms. Anitha K.D/o. KabbuSSLCNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
61Ms. Shashikala K.D/o. RamaSSLCNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
62Ms. Shruthi K.D/o. GuruvaSSLCJune 1, 2014REGULARSweeperHostel Section
63Mrs. SundariW/o. Chemba5 thNovember 22, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
64Ms. SumavathiD/o. Jogi8 thNovember 24, 2015REGULARSweeperHostel Section
65Ms. VidyaD/o. BabuSSLCAugust 1, 2017REGULARSweeperHostel Section
66Ms. Balaki K.D/o. Bada9 thNovember 19, 2018REGULARSweeperHostel Section
67Mrs. Anitha AW/o. RadhakrishnaPUCJune 11, 2015REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section
68Mrs. Bharathi M.TW/o. Thimappa Gowda8 thNovember 14, 2016REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section
69Mrs. Anitha C.K.W/o. ChandrashekharaSSLCDecember 1, 2016REGULARSweeperPharmacy Section

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