News-->We inform you that we have got the permission to start admission for the academics of 2019-20. In this regard we are into the admission process. The NEET eligibility for management seats is relaxed. Those candidates who are meeting the eligibility criteria for BAMS course can come and get admission in our college. For details contact college office. Timing: 9:00AM TO 5:00PM   -  From Administrator


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KVG Ayurveda medical college mainly expects to create standards of quality for learning, discipline in the campus and to enable the students to remain focused and most likely, to excel in their education.

The rules and regulations of the college are framed by the management and principal, to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere and to maintain integrity in academic works.

  • All the admissions are subject to the rules and regulations of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru and the admission will be approved based on the criteria and submission of testimonials in original as stipulated by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru.
  • Students once admitted to KVGAMC will not be permitted to withdraw, after the last date of admission. If he/she does so, fees paid shall not be refunded at any circumstances. On the other hand, he/she is liable to pay the fees of full course, as per the Fee fixed by fee fixation committee and college authorities, during the time of admission.
  • The college will charge full and final fee for the whole course in case the migrate to other institution or leave the course in between.
  • Payment of fees in time is the responsibility of the student/parent and delay of the same shall penal charge decided by the management from time to time.

·   Students should attend classes regularly.

  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.
  • No student shall enter the class after the entry of the lecturer or leave the class without the permission.
  • Application for leave of absence for more than 4 days due to illness should be supported by medical certificates.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves on insufficient grounds.
  • A student requiring leave for a day or a part of a day should apply for it to the Principal or to the teacher authorized and get his counter signature and submit the form in the college office. Such application should be submitted before or on the very day of his/her return to the college.
  • At the end of every academic year, the attendance of each subject will be sent to the University. Those who fail to obtain 80% of attendance are not eligible to write the University Examinations.
  1. Students must always wish/Greet the management and institution staff.
  2. Students are encouraged to know their teachers and an opportunity is given to know them too.
  3. Students must respect the authorities and teaching/non-teaching staff of another college. When they get the opportunity to visit other colleges, the student should scrupulously observe the traditions and regulations of those institutions, and refrain from any action that might disturb their peace and order.


  • Students have to wear apron in the campus during college hours.
  • Apron should not be worn outside the campus.
  • Wearing identity card is compulsory in the campus.
  • Students are expected to be simple and modest in their dress and behavior.
  • Boys: Formal shirts and trousers (pants) with formal shoes. Should

           trim their hair and shave neatly.

  • Girls: Salwar Kameez, Long skirts, sarees or half sarees.
  • Chappals, Jeans, T-Shirts, skirts, sleeveless dress,short dresses, sports shoes are not permitted.

College properties should be handled with care and nothing shall be done to damage them. In case of any damage of the building, furniture, apparatus or any other properties of the college, fine will be levied and the same will be collected from the concerned.

Our students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the neat standards of manners and behavior. Students who enroll at KVGAMC do so with the understanding that they have accepted responsibilities for proper conduct both in and outside the campus. Objective behind these rules is to create academic ambience conducive to learning and holistic growth and development of students.

  1. All students shall be required to maintain a professional attitude and conduct in all places under all circumstances.
  2. All students are required to offer prayer to Lord “Dhanvanthari” in the beginning of first hour of morning session.
  3. Every student shall greet the members of the teaching staff and higher authorities whenever they meet them within the premises or outside.
  4. Irregular attendance, indifference with regard to class work, tests and examinations, discourtesy towards staff or subordinates, are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the college.
  5. Attendance at the college during institutional function, seminars, clinical works, rural visits, educational tours, viva – voce are compulsory.
  6. Students who are free during class hours shall not loiter in the veranda or inside the premises. They should be in the Library/Reading room.
  7. Every student shall handle the college property with care and shall do everything within his limits to preserve cleanliness and tidiness of the furniture, building and the premises. Students shall not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. Disfiguring the walls by sticking notice or by scribbling, spitting in open spaces and other uncivic acts will be met with punishment.
  8. Tampering with the college furniture, electrical and sanitary installations will be punished and the cost recovered from student responsible.
  9. During free time, students are advised to make use of the facilities like library, indoor games or seek academic assistance from teachers.
  10. No student shall remain in the hostel during class hours unless he/she is sick only after the permission of concerned authority.
  11. Parents are expected to meet principal especially when unsatisfactory attendance/progress of their son/daughter is brought to their notice.
  12. Every student must posses identity card issued by the college.
  13. Students are expected to help, to maintain the premises of the college tidy, clean and healthy.
  14. College expects good harmony among the students.Teasing/ intimidating/ harassing/ using words of abuse, etc. against anyone, within the campus or outside, is punishable.
  1. Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.
  2. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the campus. It is banned under Karnataka education act 1983. As per the instruction of hon’ble supreme court, ragging is cognizable offence and the students get involved in RAGGING IS LIABLE TO BE DISMISSED FROM THE INSTITUTION and also liable for criminal prosecution by the police as per the rules.
  3. Ragging /crime under Police Act, and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be adequately punished as follows:
                                    Imprisonment up to 2 years.
                                   ii. Fine up to a sum of Rs. 10,000/- &.
                                  iii. Dismissal from the college.
  4. Smoking, use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco/tobacco products are strictly prohibited inside the college premises.
  5. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in college premises. If found, apart from seizing (will not be returned) the mobile, disciplinary action will be initiated.
  6. The principal/authority have the power to rusticate from the college if he/she is guilty of serious misconduct.
  7. Visitors (parents, friends, etc.) may contact the college office for any assistance. Such visitors shall not go directly to the classrooms for any purpose.
  8. Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the campus.
  9. Except in the meeting of the various College Associations, no student shall  address any gathering in college premises without special permission of the Principal.
  10. Students are not allowed to form any College society or club without prior permission of the Principal/ Management.
  11. No outside person shall be invited to address a class or College club without the written permission of the Principal. No tours or picnics of any society may be arranged without the prior permission of the Principal, nor shall this permission be given unless a member of the staff assumes responsibility for the excursion.
  12. Posters, flags, memorial tombs, floral arches, festoons, etc., should not be  displayed in the campus.
  13. Demonstrations/campaigning of any type, at any time during the working days of the college is strictly prohibited.
  14. Political activism is strictly banned in the campus vide judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than official ones.
  15. Without the permission of the Principal, Students shall not organize any activities & association themselves with any group, communal or political, not connected with the institution.
  16. Students involved in strike,will be suspended from the college.
  17. The students who reside outside the authorized college hostels, should notify their address to the principal immediately after joining college.
  18. The authority of the Principal /Administrator, may extend outside the campus also.
  19. Any further rules and regulations framed by the management and the principal from time-to-time shall also be binding to all.

College Library offers an extensive range of resources and services to support Teaching and learning. More than Twelve Thousand books available, which are well organized. Journals and News papers are made available to the staff and students to update them with current affairs. Our Library is totally Air Conditioned with seating capacity of 150 individual cabins.

  1. Silence must be observed in the library.
  2. Personal belongings are not allowed inside the library.
  3. Every staff/student of the college is eligible for membership of the library.
  4. The library can be utilized by the students and staff from 9am to 5pm & evening

    5.30pm to 8 pm on working days                                                                                                      

  1.   All students  should sign the entry register of the library, before entering.
  2. Books are to be handled carefully. If a book is lost by the student, he/she shall  

         replace the book (same title, author and edition) or shall pay double the cost of

         the book as fine.

  1. Students before leaving the issue counter must satisfy themselves as to whether   

         the books intended to borrow are in good condition and any damage should be

         Immediately reported to the librarian or library staff otherwise student will be            

         held responsible.

  1. Students are not permitted to underline ,write in, folding/tearing of pages or

         defaced books, in any way whatsoever.

  1. The borrowed books should be returned on or before due date, If not, overdue

        charges from the students will be collected.

  1. If the due date falls on holidays, return can be done on the following working

     day without fine.

  1. Misbehavior in the library will lead to serious disciplinary action.
  2. Student who has lost borrower’s ID shall make a written report to the librarian,

         Then original  or duplicate library card will be issued.

  1. All final year students should return their library card library books based on

        library   circular and obtain “NO DUE CERTIFICATE” from the library for         

        getting hall ticket.

College digital library is fully Air Conditioned and furnished with sufficient no of desktops. Wi-fi enabled systems includes online and offline database. It provides access to HELINET and many other E-recourses.

  1. Student should enter the log-in and log-out time in the log note without fail.
  2. Student must produce Identity card when demanded.
  3. Students are not allowed to download pictures, music, videos or files without the

      permission of staff.

  1. Do not install software without permission.
  2. Do not remove or disconnect parts, cables, or lables.
  3. Usage of storage devices (CD, DVD, Pen drive, External HDD etc) is prohibited   

      without the permission of staff.

  1. Site includes chat rooms, gaming activities, Instant messaging (IM), social and

       adult sites are strictly prohibited.

These rules and regulations are complimentary to the, rules and regulations

of the college. There are three hostels run by the management in the college 

campus, two for women and the other for men.

Students of the hostels should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of

The hostel. A declaration to this effect should be signed at the time of  admission.

  1. Warden/ Dy.warden shall act as the local guardian for the students staying in the


  1. No student is permitted to leave the hostel without the consent of parents and

      without permission from the warden.    

  1. While going outside the hostel premises, the students should maintain discipline,

     and their behavior should be impeccable so as to keep up the honor and

    prestige of the college. If there is any complaint, severe disciplinary action will be

    taken, which may even lead to expulsion from the hostel or college.

  1. Only on Sunday and Saturday, girls are allowed to go outside the campus only for

    there hours. Those who are going to Dental or any other treatment must show the

    appointment slip.

  1. The mess fee shall be paid on or before 20th of every month otherwise should

    Pay the penalty.

  1. No reduction in mess charges is permitted for leave or absence. Only one such

    reduction per year is permitted for each student during common holidays. To get     

    the benefit of reduction, students should give a written request to the

    warden / dy.warden.

  1. Rooms shall be kept neat and tidy. Students are responsible for the care of the

   furniture  fittings in their respective rooms. For any loss or damage cost will be

   recovered from them.

  1. During study hours visiting other rooms should be avoided.
  2. Visitors will be permitted only on Sundays and other holidays between 7a.m to


  1. In order to reach the classes in time, students should start from the hostel 10

   minutes earlier both in the forenoon and afternoon. Late arrival to the class will be    

   viewed seriously.

  1. Students may be asked to vacate the hostel in the event of repeated violation of

     the rule.

  1. Management reserves the right of making any addition or deletion or alteration to the above rules and regulations
  2. In all matters whether covered or not, in the existing rules, the management decision shall be final.
  3. For all legal matters/disputes arising regarding administrative or academic affairs of the institution the court jurisdiction will be Sullia only.
  4. Management reserves the right of not allowing the student to the college/ hostel premises if he/she is found to be involved in any police/ court case, which is against the interest of the institution.

All students and parents shall study the code of conduct rules and acknowledge it in writing and submit the undertaking to the Principal and Administrator in the format mentioned below.

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