Dr.Leeladhar D.V. MD (Ayu)
Professor, Dept. of Agada tantra
Selected as member for Board of Studies ( PG)
R.G.U.H.S, Karnataka, Bengaluru



Dr. Udaya shankar Md.  ( Ayu)
Professor, Dept. of Shalakya Tantra
Has written a book on Shalakya
Tantra which is published through Chaukamba Publication



Dr. Raghuveer, MD (Ayu) PhD
Reader, Dept. Of RSBK
Ph.d. Awarded on december 2014
At Dr saravepalliradhakrishnan Rajasthan AyurvedaUniversity,Jodhpur, rajasthan
in the Topic “ Standardisation  of Sheetamshu
RasaW.S.R to Its antimicrobial Activity



Dr. Leeladhar D.V.
Presented a paper on Role of Ayurvedic herbs in Therapeutical and Cosmetic uses at Japan Institute of Ayurveda



Dr. Udaya shankar has visited japan Institute of ayurveda & given Guest Lecture’s & conducted workshop on ‘ Agnikarma’