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Dakshina Kannada, Sullia

08257 233208



Teaching Staff Attendance

Sl.NoNameDesignation   APRIL-2019    
Total Working
No. of Days
1Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor22211
2Dr.Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor22220
3Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor22220
4Dr. Krishna Prakash KProfessor22211
5Dr.Udayashankar NProfessor22211
6Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor22211
7Dr.Ashok KProfessor22193
8Dr.Gopalakrishna Prasad M.PProfessor22211
9Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor22220
10Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor22220
11Dr. Jayashree H RProfessor22220
12Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor22202
13Dr. Sathish B.G.Professor22220
14Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor22211
15Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor22166
16Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor22202
17Dr. Nagaonkar Vidhya SudamProfessor22220
18Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor22220
19Dr. Manish Shantilal LodhaProfessor22211
20Dr. Harshitha MProfessor22220
21Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaAsso. Professor22202
22Dr. Vijalakshmi P BAsso. Professor22211
23Dr. Harshavardhana KAsso. Professor22193
24Dr. Nataraj CAsso. Professor22211
25Dr. Bharathi A.PAsso. Professor22211
26Mrs.Shashikala DLecturer22220
27Dr.Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor22211
28Dr.Avinash K.VAsso. Professor22211
29Dr.Venu NAsso. Professor22211
30Dr. Bhagyesh KAsso. Professor22202
31Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor22202
32Dr.Mangala K.S.Asso. Professor22202
33Dr.Deepak C NairAsso. Professor22211
34Dr. Soumya S.V.Asso. Professor22193
35Dr.U. Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor22220
36Dr. Raveesh M.V.Asst. Professor22202
37Dr.Neethu.PAsst. Professor22211
38Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor22211
39Dr.Anusree.MAsst. Professor22211
40Dr.Anoop P.AAsst. Professor22211
41Dr.Lakshmeesha K.SAsst. Professor22211
42Dr.Vinaya Shankar BharadwajAsst. Professor22211
43Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor22184
44Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor22220
45Dr. Pramod P.A.Asst. Professor22211
46Dr. Pranavi K.Asst. Professor22220
47Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor22202
48Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor22193
49Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor22202
50Dr.Shafi M SAsst. Professor22220
51Dr. Jyolsna C.J.Asst. Professor22202
52Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor22211
53Dr. Annapoorna SAsst. Professor22220
54Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor22202
55Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor22211
56Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor22202
57Dr. Pavana K.BAsst. Professor22220
58Dr. Santhosh Nair K.PAsst. Professor22211
59Dr. Smitha P.KAsst. Professor22220
60Dr. Gowrishankar C.KAsst. Professor22211
61Dr. Rashmi K.S.Asst. Professor22220
62Dr. Vishnu Narayana PrasadAsst. Professor22220
63Dr. Aparna TAsst. Professor22220
64Dr. Shashank MuralidharanAsst. Professor22220
65Dr. S. Thirumaleshwara Bhat –
Joined on 01.04.2019
66Dr. Anusha G – Joined on
Asst. Professor660

Sl.NoNameDesignation   MAY-2019    
Total Working
No. of Days
1Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor26224
2Dr.Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor26242
3Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor26260
4Dr. Krishna Prakash KProfessor26260
5Dr.Udayashankar NProfessor26251
6Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor26251
7Dr.Ashok KProfessor26251
8Dr.Gopalakrishna Prasad M.PProfessor26242
9Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor26251
10Dr. S Thirumaleshwara BhatProfessor26260
11Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor261511
12Dr. Jayashree H. RProfessor26233
13Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor26260
14Dr. Sathish B.G.Professor26224
15Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor26251
16Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor26206
17Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor26224
18Dr. Nagaonkar Vidhya SudamProfessor26242
19Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor26260
20Dr. Manish Shantilal LodhaProfessor26233
21Dr. Harshitha MProfessor26242
22Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaAsso. Professor26260
23Dr. Vijalakshmi P BAsso. Professor26233
24Dr. Harshavardhana KAsso. Professor26251
25Dr. Nataraj CAsso. Professor26251
26Dr. Bharathi A.PAsso. Professor26233
27Mrs.Shashikala DLecturer26251
28Dr.Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor26260
29Dr.Avinash K.VAsso. Professor26251
30Dr.Venu NAsso. Professor26260
31Dr. Bhagyesh KAsso. Professor26260
32Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor26233
33Dr.Mangala K.S.Asso. Professor26260
34Dr.Deepak C NairAsso. Professor26260
35Dr. Soumya S.V.Asso. Professor26224
36Dr.U. Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor26206
37Dr. Raveesh M.V.Asst. Professor26251
38Dr.Neethu.PAsst. Professor26242
39Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor26233
40Dr.Anusree.MAsst. Professor26260
41Dr.Anoop P.AAsst. Professor26260
42Dr.Lakshmeesha K.SAsst. Professor261610
43Dr.Vinaya Shankar BharadwajAsst. Professor26260
44Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor26260
45Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor26233
46Dr. Pramod P.A.Asst. Professor26242
47Dr. Pranavi K.Asst. Professor26251
48Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor26233
49Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor26251
50Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor26242
51Dr.Shafi M SAsst. Professor26251
52Dr. Jyolsna C.J.Asst. Professor26260
53Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor26260
54Dr. Annapoorna SAsst. Professor26260
55Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor26260
56Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor26242
57Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor26242
58Dr. Pavana K.BAsst. Professor26224
59Dr. Santhosh Nair K.PAsst. Professor26251
60Dr. Smitha P.KAsst. Professor26260
61Dr. Gowrishankar C.KAsst. Professor26260
62Dr. Rashmi K.S.Asst. Professor26251
63Dr. Shashank MuralidharanAsst. Professor26242
64Dr. Vishnu Narayana PrasadAsst. Professor26251
65Dr. Anusha GAsst. Professor26260
66Dr. Aparna T.Asst. ProfessorRelieved her on 01.05.2019

Sl.NoNameDesignation   JUNE-2019 
Total Working
No. of Days
1Dr.N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor24222
3Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor24240
4Dr. Krishna
Prakash K
6Dr.Rohini D
7Dr.Jayashree H.RProfessor24240
8Dr.Ashok KProfessor24231
Prasad M.P
10Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor24222
11Dr. S
Thirumaleshwara Bhat
12Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor24240
13Dr. Ravishankar
14Dr. Sathish B.G.Professor24213
15Dr. Purushthama
16Dr. Hariprasad
Shetty M
17Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor24195
18Dr. Nagaonkar
Vidhya Sudam
19Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor24240
20Dr. Manish
Shantilal Lodha
21Dr. Harshitha MProfessor24231
22Dr. Shwetha S.
Asso. Professor24222
23Dr. Vijalakshmi P BAsso. Professor24231
24Dr. Harshavardhana KAsso. Professor24240
25Dr. Nataraj CAsso. Professor24240
26Dr. Bharathi A.PAsso. Professo24231
27Mrs.Shashikala DLecturer24240
28Dr.Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor24230
29Dr.Avinash K.VAsso. Professor24240
30Dr.Venu NAsso. Professor24222
31Dr. Bhagyesh KAsso. Professor24240
32Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor24231
33Dr.Mangala K.S.Asso. Professor24231
34Dr.Deepak C NairAsso. Professor24240
35Dr. Soumya S.V.Asso. Professor24186
36Dr.U. Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor24231
37Dr. Raveesh M.V.Asst. Professor24222
38Dr.Neethu.PAsst. Professor24240
39Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor24240
40Dr.Anusree.MAsst. Professor24222
41Dr.Anoop P.AAsst. Professor24231
42Dr.Lakshmeesha K.SAsst. Professor24240
43Dr.Vinaya Shankar
Asst. Professor24240
44Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor24240
45Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor24240
46Dr. Pramod P.A.Asst. Professor24240
47Dr. Pranavi K.Asst. Professor24231
48Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor24168
49Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor24240
50Dr. Rohith Krishnan
Asst. Professor24240
51Dr.Shafi M SAsst. Professor24231
52Dr. Jyolsna C.J.Asst. Professor24240
53Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor24222
54Dr. Annapoorna SAsst. Professor24240
55Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor24231
56Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor24240
57Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor24240
58Dr. Pavana K.BAsst. Professor241410
59Dr. Santhosh Nair K.PAsst. Professor24231
60Dr. Smitha P.KAsst. Professor24204
61Dr. Gowrishankar C.KAsst. Professor24213
62Dr. Rashmi K.S.Asst. Professor24231
63Dr. Shashank
Asst. Professor24231
64Dr. Vishnu Narayana
Asst. Professor24231
65Dr. Anusha GAsst. Professor24240
66Dr. Sathyamoorthy Bhat
Reported duty on
67Dr. Rajesh P.N. Reported duty on
68Dr. Arathi Rajesh Reported duty on

Sl.NoNameDesignation   JULY-2019    
Total Working
No. of Days
1Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor27225
2Dr.Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor27243
3Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor27270
4Dr. Krishna Prakash KProfessor27252
5Dr.Udayashankar NProfessor27261
6Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor27243
7Dr.Ashok KProfessor27270
8Dr.Gopalakrishna Prasad M.PProfessor27261
9Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor27261
10Dr. S Thirumaleshwara BhatProfessor27261
11Dr. Sathyamoorthy BhatProfessor27270
12Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor27270
13Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor27270
14Dr. Sathish B.G.Professor27270
15Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor27270
16Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor27270
17Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor31256
18Dr. Nagaonkar Vidhya SudamProfessor27270
19Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor27261
20Dr. Manish Shantilal LodhaProfessor27261
21Dr. Harshitha MProfessor27261
22Dr. Rajesh P.NProfessor27270
23Dr. Arathi RajeshProfessor27270
24Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaAsso. Professor27270
25Dr. Vijalakshmi P BAsso. Professor27243
26Dr. Harshavardhana KAsso. Professor27270
27Dr. Nataraj CAsso. Professor27270
28Dr. Bharathi A.PAsso. Professor27270
29Mrs.Shashikala DLecturer27270
30Dr.Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor27270
31Dr.Avinash K.VAsso. Professor27270
32Dr.Venu NAsso. Professor27270
33Dr. Bhagyesh KAsso. Professor27243
34Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor27270
35Dr.Mangala K.S.Asso. Professor27270
36Dr.Deepak C NairAsso. Professor27261
37Dr. Soumya S.V.Asso. Professor27270
38Dr.U. Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor27270
39Dr. Raveesh M.V.Asst. Professor27270
40Dr.Neethu.PAsst. Professor27261
41Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor27270
42Dr.Anusree.MAsst. Professor27270
43Dr.Anoop P.AAsst. Professor27270
44Dr.Lakshmeesha K.SAsst. Professor27270
45Dr.Vinaya Shankar BharadwajAsst. Professor27261
46Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor27270
47Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor27270
48Dr. Pramod P.A.Asst. Professor27252
49Dr. Pranavi K.Asst. Professor27270
50Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor27207
51Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor27270
52Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor27270
53Dr.Shafi M SAsst. Professor27270
54Dr. Jyolsna C.J.Asst. Professor27216
55Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor27270
56Dr. Annapoorna SAsst. Professor27261
57Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor27270
58Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor27270
59Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor27234
60Dr. Pavana K.BAsst. ProfessorML-Maternity Leave
61Dr. Santhosh Nair K.PAsst. Professor27243
62Dr. Smitha P.KAsst. Professor271710
63Dr. Gowrishankar C.KAsst. Professor27243
64Dr. Rashmi K.S.Asst. Professor27270
65Dr. Shashank MuralidharanAsst. Professor27261
66Dr. Vishnu Narayana PrasadAsst. Professor27270
67Dr. Anusha GAsst. Professor27260

1Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor25250
2Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor25241
3Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor25232
4Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor25232
5Dr. Sathish B. G.Professor25250
6Dr. Venu NAsso. Professor25214
7Dr.Vinaya Shankar
Asst. Professor25241
8Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor25241
9Dr. Vidhya Sudam
Professor255Resigned from service on 07.08.2019
10Dr. Seetharama A CProfessor25
11Dr. Manish Shantilal
12Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor25241
13Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor25250
14Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor25250
15Dr. Vijayalaxmi P BProfessor25232
16Dr. Raveesh M VAsso. Professor25241
17Dr. Neethu P.Asso. Professor25241
18Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor25232
19Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor25250
20Dr. Harshitha MProfessor25250
21Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor25187
22Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor25250
23Dr. Pavana K BAsst. Professor25ML – Maternity LeaveML – Maternity Leave
24Dr. Vishnu Narayana
Asst. Professor25251
25Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor25250
26Dr. Sathyamoorthy BhatProfessor25250
27Dr. Jyolsna C JAsst. Professor25220
28Dr. Shashank
Asst. Professor25253
29Dr. S Thirumaleshwara
30Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor25250
31Dr. Anusree MAsst. Professor25250
32Dr. Shabeena T T – Reported on 08.08.2019Asst. Professor251717
33Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor25250
34Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor25250
35Dr. Arathi RajeshProfessor25250
36Dr. Avinash K VAsso. Professor25250
37Dr. U Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor25232
38Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor25250
39Dr.Anusha G.Asst. Professor25250
40Dr.Ashok KProfessor25241
41Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaProfessor25241
42Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor25250
43Dr. Rashmi K SAsst. Professor25250
44Dr. Rajesh P NProfessor25250
45Dr. Mangala K SAsso. Professor25241
46Dr. Pramoda P AAsst. Professor25223
47Dr.Krishna Prakash M KProfessor25241
48Dr. Bharathi A PAsso.Professor25250
49Dr. Bhagyesha KAsso.Professor25241
50Dr. Anoop P AAsst.Professor25241
51Dr. Pranavi KAsst.Professor25241
52Dr. Shafi M SAsst.Professor25250
53Dr. Annapoorna SAsst.Professor25214
54Dr. Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor25241
55Dr. Gopala Krishna Prasad M PProfessor25250
56Dr. Harshawardhana KProfessor25250
57Dr. Deepak C NairAsso. Professor25241
58Dr. Santhosh Nair K PAsst. Professor25232
59Dr. Udayashankar NProfessor25250
60Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor25232
61Dr. Gowrishankar C KAsst.Professor25250
62Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor25205
63Dr. Nataraj CProfessor25241
64Dr. Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor25241
65Dr. Soumya S VAsso. Professor25232
66Dr. Lakshmeesha K SAsst. Professor25250
67Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor25223
68Dr. Smitha P KAsst. Professor25250
69Mrs. Shashikala D.Lecturer25223
70Dr. Jayavani M.GYoga Teacher25250
71Mrs. AshaBio – Statician25250

Total Working
No. of Days PresentCL/EL/ML
1Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor22175
2Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor22220
3Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor22220
4Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor22211
5Dr. Sathish B. G.Professor22211
6Dr. Venu NAsso. Professor22220
7Dr.Vinaya Shankar
Asst. Professor22220
8Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor22211
9Dr. Seetharama A CProfessor22220
10Dr. Manish Shantilal LodhaProfessor22220
11Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor22220
12Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor22211
13Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor22220
14Dr. Vijayalaxmi P BProfessor22202
15Dr. Raveesh M VAsso. Professor22211
16Dr. Neethu P.Asso. Professor22220
17Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor22211
18Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor22211
19Dr. Harshitha MProfessor22220
20Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor22175
21Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor22211
22Dr. Pavana K BAsst. ProfessorML – Maternity LeaveML – Maternity LeaveML – Maternity Leave
23Dr. Vishnu Narayana PrasadAsst. Professor22220
24Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor22220
25Dr. Sathyamoorthy BhatProfessor22211
26Dr. Jyolsna C JAsst. Professor22202
27Dr. Shashank
Asst. Professor22175
28Dr. S Thirumaleshwara BhatProfessor22220
29Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor22220
30Dr. Anusree MAsst. Professor22220
31Dr. Shabeena T TAsst. Professor22220
32Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor22220
33Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor22220
34Dr. Arathi RajeshProfessor22211
35Dr. Avinash K VAsso. Professor22202
36Dr. U Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor22193
37Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor22210
38Dr.Anusha G.Asst. Professor22220
39Dr.Ashok KProfessor22220
40Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaProfessor22220
41Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor22220
42Dr. Rashmi K SAsst. Professor22211
43Dr. Rajesh P NProfessor22211
44Dr. Mangala K SAsso. Professor22220
45Dr. Pramoda P AAsst. Professor22211
46Dr.Krishna Prakash M KProfessor22220
47Dr. Bharathi A PAsso.Professor22211
48Dr. Bhagyesha KAsso.Professor22220
49Dr. Anoop P AAsst.Professor22220
50Dr. Pranavi KAsst.Professor22220
51Dr. Shafi M SAsst.Professor22211
52Dr. Annapoorna SAsst.Professor22220
53Dr. Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor22211
54Dr. Gopala Krishna Prasad M PProfessor22211
55Dr. Harshawardhana KProfessor22211
56Dr. Deepak C NairAsso. Professor22220
57Dr. Santhosh Nair K PAsst. Professor22211
58Dr. Udayashankar NProfessor22220
59Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor22211
60Dr. Gowrishankar C KAsst.Professor22220
61Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor22157
62Dr. Nataraj CProfessor22220
63Dr. Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor22220
64Dr. Soumya S VAsso. Professor22220
65Dr. Lakshmeesha K SAsst. Professor22211
66Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor22211
67Dr. Smitha P KAsst. Professor22211
68Mrs. Shashikala D.Lecturer22166
69Dr. Jayavani M.GYoga Teacher22220
70Mrs. AshaBio – Statician22220

TEACHING STAFF Attendance Analysis
For the month of OCTOBER -2019
Sl.NoNameDesignationOCTOBER – 2019
Total Working DaysNo. of Days PresentCL/EL/ML
1Dr. S G KulakarniProfessor23212
2Dr. Asha H.SAsst. Professor23221
3Dr. Alokanath D.D.Asst. Professor23221
4Dr. Sreeja SAsst. Professor23230
5Dr. Sathish B. G.Professor23230
6Dr. Venu NAsso. Professor23230
7Dr.Vinaya Shankar BharadwajAsst. Professor23230
8Dr. Sahana SAsst. Professor23176
9Dr. Seetharama A CProfessor23230
10Dr. Manish Shantilal LodhaProfessor23221
11Dr. Anishma Devi NAsst. Professor23230
12Dr.Rajashekara NProfessor23176
13Dr. Kavitha B.MProfessor23230
14Dr. Vijayalaxmi P BProfessor23230
15Dr. Raveesh M VAsso. Professor23230
16Dr. Neethu P.Asso. Professor23221
17Dr.Rohini D BharadhwajProfessor23221
18Dr. Purushthama K.GProfessor23230
19Dr. Harshitha MProfessor23221
20Dr. Rohith Krishnan G.B.Asst. Professor23230
21Dr. Sujatha MAsst. Professor23230
22Dr. Pavana K BAsst. Professor23ML – Maternity Leave
23Dr. Vishnu Narayana PrasadAsst. Professor23230
24Dr. Hariprakash HProfessor23221
25Dr. Sathyamoorthy BhatProfessor23230
26Dr. Jyolsna C JAsst. Professor23230
27Dr. Shashank MuralidharanAsst. Professor23221
28Dr. S Thirumaleshwara BhatProfessor23230
29?Dr.Sachin NadkaAsso. Professor23221
30Dr. Shabeena T TAsst. Professor23230
31Dr. Leeladhar D.V.Professor23230
32Dr. Ravishankar MattaProfessor23230
33Dr. Arathi RajeshProfessor23231
34Dr. Avinash K VAsso. Professor23221
35Dr. U Santhosh NayakAsso. Professor23230
36Dr. Pavithra PAsst. Professor23230
37Dr.Anusha G.Asst. Professor23221
38Dr.Ashok KProfessor23194
39Dr. Shwetha S. SuvarnaProfessor23212
40Dr. Rohit N. ShettarAsst. Professor23230
41Dr. Rashmi K SAsst. Professor23221
42Dr. Rajesh P NProfessor23230
43Dr. Mangala K SAsso. Professor23230
44Dr. Pramoda P AAsst. Professor23221
45Dr.Krishna Prakash M KProfessor23230
46Dr. Bharathi A PAsso.Professor23230
47Dr. Bhagyesha KAsso.Professor23230
48Dr. Anoop P AAsst.Professor23230
49Dr. Pranavi KAsst.Professor23230
50Dr. Shafi M SAsst.Professor23221
51Dr. Annapoorna SAsst.Professor23212
52Dr. Deenaprakash BharadwajProfessor23221
53Dr. Gopala Krishna Prasad M PProfessor23230
54Dr. Harshawardhana KProfessor23230
55Dr. Deepak C NairAsso. Professor23230
56Dr. Santhosh Nair K PAsst. Professor23230
57Dr. Udayashankar NProfessor23221
58Dr. Hariprasad Shetty MProfessor23212
59Dr. Gowrishankar C KAsst.Professor23230
60Dr. N S ShetterPrincipal/Professor23221
61Dr. Nataraj CProfessor23230
62Dr. Sanath Kumar D GAsso. Professor23221
63Dr. Soumya S VAsso. Professor23212
64Dr. Lakshmeesha K SAsst. Professor23212
65Dr. Smitha ThambanAsst. Professor23176
66Dr. Smitha P KAsst. Professor23230
67Mrs. Shashikala D.Lecturer23221
68Dr. Jayavani M.GYoga Teacher23194
69Mrs. Asha Bio – Statician23230
70Dr. Shruthan KJoined on 01.10.2019Asst. Professor23230
71Dr. Anju C.Joined on 03.10.2019Asst. Professor23220

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